Enchantress.png Enchantress
Attributes Intelligence Roles Support, Jungler, Pusher, Durable
Health 454 Attack damage 47-57
Armor 0.66 Attack speed 1.7
Mana 208 Sight Range 1800/800
Range 550 Mov. speed 335


Ability Name Ability Description Details

Untouchable icon

Enchantress beguiles her enemies, slowing their attacks when she is attacked. Lasts 4 seconds.

After attacking Aiushtha, most opponents are overwhelmed with guilt having attacked such a natural beauty.
Duration: 4

Attack Speed Slow: 40/70/100/130


Enchant icon

Enchantress charms an enemy, bringing it under her control (if a creep) or slowing it (if a hero).

A true steward of the forest, Aiushtha befriends all within it - from lowly trolls to powerful centaurs.
Range: 700

Duration: 5.5
Creep Duration: 80
Movement Speed Slow: 20%/30%/40%/50%
Cooldown: 30/25/20/15
Cost: 65 Mana

Nature's Attendants

Nature's Attendants icon

A cloud of wisps heals Enchantress and any friendly units nearby. Lasts 10 seconds.

Whimsical spirits of the woods possess a healing power that is quite subtle, but gains strength in numbers.
Radius: 275

Duration: 10
Number Of Wisps: 3/5/7/9
Heal per Second per Wisp: 10
Total Heal: 300/500/700/900
Cooldown: 45
Cost: 125/140/155/170 Mana



Places an enchantment on each attack while activated, causing it to deal additional damage based on how far away the target is. The farther the target, the greater the damage dealt.

Impetus is a Unique Attack Modifier, and does not stack with other Unique Attack Modifiers.

Upgraded by Aghanim's Scepter: Attack range increased*.

While Aiushtha favors peaceful means, she is capable of a magical onslaught from a distance, her spears gaining energy from the natural life around her.

Range: 550 (740*)

Distance as Damage: 15%/20%/25%
Damage Cap: 375/500/625
Cost: 55/60/65 Mana

The Enchantress
Attributes Intelligence Alignment Sentinel
Health 454 Mana 208 Damage 47-57 Attack Speed .70 Range 550
Health Regen. .73 Mana Regen. .65 Armor 2 Mov. Speed 305
Strength 16 (+1.0) Agility 19 (+1.8) Intelligence 16 (+2.8)


  • Untouchable: Enemies that attack Enchantress are beguiled, reducing their attack speed as long as they are targetting her.
  • Enchant: Enchantress converts a unit to her side. If the unit cannot be converted, it is slowed for several seconds instead. Heroes, neutral creeps that are immune to magic and magic-immune units cannot be converted.
  • Nature's Attendants Releases a swarm of wisps to heal nearby allies in a 275 radius. Each wisp lasts 10 seconds and heals every second.
  • Impetus Enchantress throws a spear at an enemy unit, dealing damage equal to a regular attack, as well as bonus damage based on the distance between her and her enemy when the attack lands. This spell can be auto-cast.


Dota Allstars:
Although all Dryads are Cenarius' daughters, Aiushtha is said to be his first and favorite. Because of her direct relation to him, she has borrowed much of his power. This is demonstrated by her control over the shy Wisps which she uses to heal her allies, and her ability to bring an opponent under the will of the Sentinel. Preferring ranged combat to melee, she fashioned a spear that strikes with more force the further her target is away. Her agility is unmatched, and any opponent attempting to kill her will find she skips ahead of them with surprising ease.
Dota 2:
Aiushtha appears to be an innocent, carefree creature of the woods, and while this is certainly true, it is hardly the sum of her story. She well understands the suffering of the natural world. She has wandered far, and fared through forests bright and drear, in every clime and every season, gathering friends, sharing news, bringing laughter and healing wherever she goes. For in worlds wracked by war, forests are leveled for the building of ships and siege engines; and even in places of peace, the woods are stripped for the building of homes, and as fuel for countless hearths. Aiushtha hears the pleas of the small creatures, the furtive folk who need green shade and a leafy canopy to thrive. She lends her ears to those who have no other listeners. She carries their stories from the wood to the world, believing that her own good cheer is a kind of Enchantment, that can itself fulfill the promise of a verdant future.

Enchantress, on first glance, seems to be an ordinary support hero, but this belies her aggressive offensive potential. With her Enchant ability, she can take control of forest creeps and their innate abilities. This provides her with a wide range of powers and gives her a strong way to push towers or gank enemy heroes. Enchant can also slow enemy heroes; this combined with her Untouchable passive skill makes her difficult to attack. The Enchantress can also use her Healing Wisps to heal her allies after a battle. Her hidden strength, however, is Impetus, which deals more damage the farther away the enemy hero is, adding massive damage to her basic attacks.