Attributes, or stats, are a part of the Warcraft III engine that is carried on to Dota Allstars and Dota 2, and is given to all Heroes. They are responsible for the natural growth per level of the heroes. There are three stats:

  • Strength, which gives 19 health and 0.03 hp regen per second for every point.
  • Intelligence, which gives 13 mana and 0.04 mana regen per second for every point.
  • Agility, which gives 1% IAS and 0.14 armor for every point.

Every hero also has a primary attribute. This means that attribute also grants them 1 point of damage per point, and usually has a higher growth than usual. Because of this, heroes that have a common primary stat would usually have a common characteristic.

  • Strength heroes are naturally tanky, thanks to the fact that they would have high strength growth. These heroes sometimes possess decently spammable disables and great early damage.
  • Agility heroes tend to be very powerful late game as Agility gives attack speed and damage, making their basic attacks powerful. Most Carries are Agility heroes. However early game they are very fragile.
  • Intelligence heroes are mainly supportive casters, as their naturally high Intelligence provides a good mana pool, as well as their wide array of disables and supportive skills. Nukers are usually intelligence heroes. Unlike Agility heroes, Intelligence heroes do the most damage in the early and mid game, while falling off late game.

Every hero have base attributes which is their attributes at level 1. All heroes have an attribute gain which is how much of each attribute they gain with every level they gain. Heroes also have the option to level attributes, which gives a bonus +2 to all attributes instead of a skill.

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