Dota Allstars:
One of the many regents of Lord Archimonde who became stranded on the physical plane after the Legion fell in Kalimdor, the devil Azgalor's love of destruction allowed him to accept the Lich King's invitation to help lead the Scourge in conquest with few regrets. After all, this Pit Lord is happiest when he conjures fire to scorch his opponents from above, roasting them slowly as the dead literally explode from beneath their feet. With such hateful power in the hands of a monster such as this, it's no wonder he inspires so much terror as he roams across the battlefield.

Azgalor can fit many different roles in a team. He push effectively because of his many AOE damage spells including firestorm which can hit towers and his ultimate which allows him to teleport giving him global presense. He can also support and tank.