Rexxar the Beastmaster is a hero from Dota Allstars and as Karroch, the Beastmaster in Dota 2. In Dota Allstars, he is a Strength Sentinel hero, while in Dota 2, he is a Strength Radiant hero.

Beastmaster.png Karroch, the Beastmaster
Attributes Strength Roles Initiator, Disabler, Durable
Health 587 Attack damage 60-64
Armor 4.52 Attack speed 2
Mana 208 Sight Range 1800 night / 800 day
Range Melee Mov. speed 310

Ability Name Ability Description Details
Wild Axes

Wild Axes icon

Beastmaster sends his axes flying and calls them home again, slicing through enemy units and trees along their path. Each axe can hit an enemy once.

While learning to maneuver in nature alone, the Beastmaster also mastered the use of a pair of tomahawks, adept at cutting down trees as well as adversaries.
Range: 1300

Damage: 70/100/130/160
Cooldown: 13
Cost: 120 Mana

Call of the Wild

Call of the Wild - Hawk icon

Beastmaster calls forth a watchful Hawk to scout the battlefield. At level 3 and beyond, the hawk can become invisible after being still for 4 seconds.

After befriending the strange beast of his childhood, Beastmaster has learned to call to animals in times of need.
Hawk Duration:: 60

Cost:15 Mana

Call of the Wild

Call of the Wild - Boar icon

Beastmaster calls a powerful Boar to stalk the battlefield, capable of spitting poison at enemies to slow their movement and attack speed.

After befriending the strange beast of his childhood, Beastmaster has learned to call to animals in times of need.
Boar Duration:: 60

Cost:15 Mana

Inner Beast

Inner Beast icon

Untaps the inner fury of allies, passively increasing their attack speed.

Beastmaster's ability to incite the innate strength of animals was seen in the mauling of the king of Slom.
Radius: 900

Bonus Attack Speed: 15/25/35/45

Primal Roar

Primal Roar icon

Beastmaster lets loose a deafening roar that stuns, and shoves open, a path to its target. All units in the path of the roar are damaged, while units shoved aside by the roar have their movement and attack speed slowed.

Upgraded by Aghanim's Scepter: Decreases cooldown, increases cast range*.

The Beastmaster has learned to channel his primal instincts into an animalistic roar, causing devastation in the ranks of enemies.
Range: 600 (950*)

Stun Duration: 3/3.5/4
Knockback Radius: 300
Movement Slow: 50%
Attack Slow: 50%
Slow Duration: 2/3/4
Damage: 200/250/300
Cooldown:80/75/70 (45*)
Cost:150/175/200 Mana

Rexxar Square
The Beastmaster
Attributes Strength Alignment Sentinel
Health 587 Mana 208 Damage 56-60 Attack Speed 0.69 Range 128
Health Regen. .94 Mana Regen. .65 Armor 5 Mov. Speed 310
Strength 23 (+2.2) Agility 18 (+1.6) Intelligence 16 (+1.9)


Ability Name Ability Description

Wild Axes (Active)

Rexxar throws his axes, which travel outward. The axes intersect, and then return. Each axe can do damage to each unit it passes through once. This means a unit can be damaged by both axes.

Call of the Wild (Active)

Rexxar calls a number of wild beasts to aid him. The duration, strength and amount of the beasts scales upon level. The two beasts he can summon are the Quillbeast (a ranged boar that fires darts) and a Hawk Spirit (which can scout areas and become invisible at later levels).

Inner Beast (Passive)

Rexxar unleashes the inner beast in his allies, increasing their attack speed.

Primal Roar (Ultimate)

Rexxar roars at his opponent, dealing magic damage and stunning the target. Enemies caught in between the target take minor damage. Enemies are also knocked away from the path between the Beastmaster and his target.


Dota Allstars:

A wandering vagrant of the Mok'nathal, the fabled half orc-half ogres of legend, Rexxar and his mighty blades have joined the cause of the Sentinel to better protect the natural world around him. A friend of beasts, Rexxar flails and tears at his enemies with unsettling savagery, even going as far as hurling his axes in the manner of boomerangs at his enemies to better his chances at victory. Truly a warrior of the living planet that thrives around him, the Beastmaster is an ally to be counted on when he is needed the most.

Dota 2:

Karroch was born a child of the stocks. His mother died in childbirth; his father, a farrier for the Mad King of Slom, was trampled to death when he was five. Afterward Karroch was indentured to the king’s menagerie, where he grew up among all the beasts of the royal court: lions, apes, fell-deer, and things less known, things barely believed in. When the lad was seven, an explorer brought in a beast like none before seen. Dragged before the King in chains, the beast spoke, though its mouth moved not. Its words: a plea for freedom. The King only laughed and ordered the beast perform for his amusement; and when it refused, struck it with the Mad Scepter and ordered it dragged to the stocks.

Over the coming months, the boy Karroch sneaked food and medicinal draughts to the wounded creature, but only managed to slow its deterioration. Wordlessly, the beast spoke to the boy, and over time their bond strengthened until the boy found he could hold up his end of a conversation--could in fact speak now to all the creatures of the King's menagerie. On the night the beast died, a rage came over the boy. He incited the animals of the court to rebel and threw open their cages to set them amok on the palace grounds. The Mad King was mauled in the mayhem. In the chaos, one regal stag bowed to the boy who had freed him; and with Beastmaster astride him, leapt the high walls of the estate, and escaped. Now a man, Karroch the Beastmaster has not lost his ability to converse with wild creatures. He has grown into a warrior at one with nature’s savagery.

Name Details

Summon Hawk

  • Duration: 60
  • Hit Points: 40/60/80/100
  • Armor: 5
  • Movement Speed: 250/275/300/325
  • Sight Range: 700/1000/1300/1600(day) 700/800/900/1000(night)
  • Bounty: 30/40/50/60
  • Experience: 77

Invisibility icon

If motionless for four seconds, the Greater Hawk becomes invisible. Fade Time:1

Fade Delay:3

Name Details

Summon Boar

  • Duration: 60
  • Hit Points: 200/300/400/500
  • Damage: 15/30/45/60
  • Armor: 0
  • Movement Speed: 350
  • Sight Range: 1400/800
  • Attack Range: 550
  • Attack Speed: 1.25
  • Bounty:26-38
  • Experience:59

Poison icon

The Boar's attacks inflict a poison that slows attack and movement speeds. Attack speed slow: 10%/20%/30%/40%

Movement speed slow: 10/20/30/40
Duration: 3