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Disabler is one of the main roles in Dota 2. Disablers are heroes that have skills that stun or prevent the enemy from attacking. They are useful both early-game and late-game, although they still retain some usefullness during the mid-game.

List of DisablersEdit

Here is a list of heroes that classify as Disablers:

Alchemist, Ancient Apparition, Axe, Bane, Batrider, Beastmaster, Bristleback, Centaur Warrunner, Chaos Knight, Crystal Maiden, Disruptor, Dragon Knight, Earthshaker, Enigma , Faceless Void , Gyrocopter , Jakiro , Kunkka , Leshrac , Lina , Lion , Magnus , Meepo , Mirana , Naga Siren , Nyx Assassin , Ogre Magi , Puck , Pudge , Rubick , Sand King , Shadow Demon , Shadow Shaman , Wraith King , Slardar , Spirit Breaker , Storm Spirit , Sven , Tidehunter , Tiny , Treant Protector , Undying , Vengeful Spirit , Visage , Warlock , Windrunner  and Witch Doctor .

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