Neutral "creeps" reside in the jungle, which is the space between the 3 lanes. Heroes that kill neutral creeps early in the game to avoid the harrassment of the lane are known as junglers. Another advantage of jungling that there is an extra solo lane for the jungler's teamates.

List of Neutral CreepsEdit

  • Centaur Khan + Centaur Outrunner
  • Ogre Magi+ Ogre Mauler+ Ogre Mauler
  • Polar Furbolg Champion + Polar Furbolg Warrior
  • Roshan
  • Rock Golem + Rock Golem
  • Gnoll Assasin + Gnoll Assasin + Gnoll Assasin
  • Dark Troll Warlord + Dark Troll + Dark Troll
  • Alpha Wolf + Giant Wolf + Giant Wolf
  • Satyr Hellcaller + Satyr Soulstealer + Satyr Trickster
  • Elder Jungle Stalker + Jungle Stalker + Jungle Stalker
  • Satyr Soulstealer + Satyr Soulstealer + Satyr Trickster + Satyr Trickster
  • Black Dragon + Black Drake + Black Drake
  • Thunder Lizard + Thunder Lizard + Thunder Lizard
  • Enraged Wildkin + Wildkin + Wildkin
  • Forest Troll High Priest + Forest Troll Berserker + Forest Troll Berserker

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