Dark Seer.png Dark Seer
Attributes Intelligence Roles Initiator, Nuker, Escape
Health 568 Attack damage 60-66
Armor 6.68 Attack speed 1.7
Mana 377 Sight Range 1800/800
Range Melee Mov. speed 3050


Ability Name Ability Description Details

Vacuum icon

Dark Seer creates a vacuum over the target area that sucks in enemy units, disrupting them and dealing damage.

Ish'Kafel modifies the center of gravity to a place of his choosing.
Range: 500

Radius: 250/350/450/550
Damage: 40/80/120/160
Pull Duration: 0.5
Cooldown: 28
Cost: 100/130/160/190 Mana

Ion Shell

Ion Shell icon

Surrounds the target unit with a bristling shield that damages enemy units in an area around it.

The Dark Seer slices holes into the 'Land Behind the Wall,' causing prismatic energy to seep forth.
Range: 600

Radius: 250
Duration: 25
Damage Per Second: 30/50/70/90
Cooldown: 9
Cost:70/90/110/130 Mana


Surge icon

Charges a target friendly unit with power, giving it a brief burst of maximum movement speed.

Ish'Kafel once used his speed of mind to navigate the maze between the walls.
Range: 600

Duration: 3/4.5/6/7.5
Cooldown: 12/11/10/9
Cost: 20/30/40/50 Mana

Wall of Replica

Wall of Replica icon

Raises a wall of warping light that damages and creates replicas of any enemy hero who crosses it. Enemy replicas serve at the Dark Seer's will. Replicas last until they are destroyed, or until the wall's duration ends.

Upgraded by Aghanim's Scepter: Increases the damage dealt by illusions*.

The Dark Seer, while unable to return to his natural realm, can channel part of the prismatic wall with powerful strength of mind, sowing confusion amongst enemy ranks.
Range: 500/900/1300

Wall Length: 1000
Wall Width: 50
Wall Damage: 150
Duration: 45
Illusion Damage Dealt: 60%/75%/90% (100%/120%/140%*)
Illusion Damage Received: 400%
Cooldown: 100
Cost: 125/250/375 Mana

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Dota Allstars:
Thought by some to be among the most cunning and manipulative among the Scourge's varied champions, the dark seer Ish'kafel, living in exile from his people, is also the most secretive, for he speaks to no one but the Lich King himself. His unconventional talents, which lie in augmenting himself and allies with a variety of both defensive and offensive supportive castings, are quite unusual and versatile, often capable of turning the tide of battle before it even starts.

Dota 2:

Fast when he needs to be, and a cunning strategist, Ish'Kafel the Dark Seer requires no edged weapons to vanquish his enemies, relying instead on the strength of his powerful mind. His talent lies in his ability to maneuver the fight to his advantage. Hailing from a place he calls 'The Land behind the wall,' Dark Seer remains an outsider here—a warrior from a realm beyond the veil of this reality.
Once a great general among his people, and a valiant defender of the god-king Damathryx, Dark Seer’s army was wiped out by a much larger force in the final days of the Great Boundaries War. Facing certain defeat, he made one last desperate act: he led the enemy forces into the maze between the walls. At the last moment, just before capture, he crossed over—then sealed the walls forever in an explosive release of dark energy. When the dust settled, he saw that he had saved his people but found himself blinking at the sun of a different world, with no way to return. Now he is committed to proving his worth as a military strategist, and vows to show that he’s the greatest tactician this strange new world has ever seen.

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