Syllabear the Lone Druid is a hero from the Agility Sentinel Tavern.

Lone Druid.png Syllabear the Lone Druid
Attributes Agility Roles Carry, Durable, Pusher, Jungler
Health 473 Attack damage 46-50
Armor 3.36 Attack speed 1.7
Mana 169 Sight Range 1800/800
Range 550 Mov. speed 325


Ability Name Ability Description Details
Summon Spirit Bear


Summons a powerful Spirit Bear companion that can equip items. If the bear moves 1100 distance away from the Lone Druid, it cannot attack. Lone Druid suffers 10% of his max health as backlash damage if the Spirit Bear dies. As the bear increases in levels, it can learn the Return, Entangling Claws, and Demolish abilities. Spirit Bear does not benefit from attributes.

Upgraded by Aghanim's Scepter: Allows the Spirit Bear to attack at any range from Lone Druid and prevents it from dying when Lone Druid dies.

Sylla's lifelong companion is symbiotic with his spirit and heart, coming to aid him in any time of need.
Duration: Until Killed

Backlash Damage: 10% of Max Health
Cooldown: 180/160/140/120
Cost: 75 Mana



Increases the attack and movement speed of Lone Druid and the Spirit Bear.

Bears are not commonly seen as being agile creatures, but can actually move rather quickly, especially when enraged.
Duration: 10

Increased Attack Speed: 10/20/30/40
Increased Movement Speed: 5%/10%/15%/20%
Cooldown: 30
Cost: 50 Mana



Increases the Lone Druid's synergy with his Spirit Bear and himself, upgrading attributes and abilities.

Sylla studies and masters the arts of the lost Bear Clan, enhancing his attunement with the wild.
Increased Spirit Bear Damage: 10/20/30/40

Increased Spirit Bear Movement Speed: 10/20/30/40
Increased Rabid Duration: 10/20/30/40
Increased True Form Health: 100/200/300/400

True Form


Lone Druid learns to morph himself into a raging bear, losing his ranged advantage and some base movement speed, but gaining melee power as well as the Battle Cry ability. He can morph freely between druid and bear form.

The mighty bear is the king of the forest, possessing the throne through raw power.
Transformation Time: 1.933

Base Attack Time: 1.5
Bonus Armor: 4/6/8
Bonus Health: 250/400/600
Movespeed Loss: 45
Cost: 25 Mana

Druid Form

Druid Form icon

Return to Druid form. Transformation Time:1.933

Cost: 25 Mana

Battle Cry

Battle Cry icon

Adds attack damage and armor to the Lone Druid as well as any nearby units under his control.

When Syllabear cries in the forest, the reverberations are felt for a great distance.
Radius: 1000

Damage Bonus: 60/90/120
Armor Bonus: 6/12/18
Buff Duration: 6
Cooldown: 60
Cost: 50 Mana

Ability Name Ability Descriptions
Summon Spirit Bear

Summon Spirit Bear (Active)

Syllabear summons a powerful Spirit Bear that can not attack if too far away from Syllabear. It lasts indefinitely, but when the Spirit Bear dies, Syllabear is dealt damage depending on what level the Spirit Bear was. It also attacks faster with each level. With each level on this skill, it learns a new ability:

  • Demolish: Spirit bear deals 1.4x damage to buildings,
  • Entangle: Spirit Bear has a chance on attack to snare the enemy for 3 seconds,
  • Spell Resistance: Spirit Bear reduces incoming magical damage by 33%,
  • Return: Spirit Bear instantly teleports back to Syllabear.

Rabid (Active)

Syllabear creates and intense fury within himself and his Spirit Bear, increasing both movement speed and attack speed.

Synergy (Passive)

Syllabear's synergy with his Spirit Bear is improved, providing 10 extra damage and movement speed to his Spirit Bear, 10 second increase in duration of Rabid for both Syllabear and his Spirit Bear and an extra 100 health points while in True Form to Syllabear per level of Synergy.
True Form

True Form (Ultimate)

Syllabear returns himself to his old form, becoming a brown bear and gaining health, armor attack speed and the Warcry ability. However, he becomes melee. Syllabear can freely morph between True Form and his original form.


DOTA Allstars:

Syllabear was spared a time of great strife due to the deeds of his people. Sensing their settlement's impending destruction they turned their child into a bear and sent him into the wild. Syllabear grew up strong and savage, like the bears that inhabited the forests of his home. Using druidic powers, he can enter a state of almost rabid frenzy, and even call powerful bear companions to aid him. Awakened into his elven heritage by Furion the Prophet, Syllabear has regained his true elven form, and brings the bestial spirit of the bear to the battlefield.

Dota 2:

Long before the first words of the first histories there rose the druidic Bear Clan. Wise and just they were, and focused in their ways to seek an understanding of the natural order. The arch forces of nature saw this, and so sought the most learned among them. Wise old Sylla, clan justiciar and seer, stepped forward for his kin, and to him was given the Seed with these words: 'When all of the world has dimmed, when civilization has left these lands, when the world is slain and wracked by the endless deserts at the end of ages, plant the Seed.' As he grasped his trust, Sylla felt his years recede and his vitality returned. Vast knowledge burst into his mind. He found himself able to project his very will into reality and, with some concentration, alter his own physical form as well. Yet subtle whispers and cruel ears brought word of the Seed and its power to other peoples, and a terrible war crashed upon the Bear Clan. As his ancestral home burned, Sylla took his burden and fled to the wild places. Ages passed, and time and myth forgot the Bear Clan, forgot Sylla and the Seed, forgot wondrous civilizations that rose and fell in Bear Clan’s wake. Through the eons, Sylla has waited, waited for word from his deities, waited for peace to come to the ever warring realms, waited in exile and in secret for the end of all things and for the conclusion of his sacred commitment, preparing himself always to face and destroy whatever would dare threaten his purpose.

Spirit BearEdit

Name Details Stats
Spirit Bear

Spirit Bear Portrait

The powerful companion bear that is summoned by Lone Druid's Spirit Bear ability. Abilities are detailed below and stats are listed to the right.
  • Duration: Permanent
  • Hit Points: 1400/1800/2300/2700
  • Health Regen: 2/3/4/5
  • Mana: 300
  • Damage: 28-38
  • Armor: 3/4/5/6
  • Movement Speed: 320
  • Sight Range: 1400/800
  • Attack Range: 128
  • Attack Speed: 1.75/1.65/1.55/1.45
  • Bounty: 300
  • Experience: 300

Return icon

Immediately teleports the Spirit Bear back to the Lone Druid. The Spirit Bear cannot teleport if it has taken damage from a player unit in the last 3 seconds. Requires level 2 Spirit Bear. Cooldown: 5
Entangling Claws

Entangling Claws icon

Attacks have a chance to cause roots to burst from the ground, immobilizing the attacked enemy unit, and dealing damage per second. Requires level 3 Spirit Bear. Entangle Chance: 20%

Damage per Second: 60
Duration: 3 (Heroes)/9 (Creeps)


Demolish icon

Increases the power of the Spirit Bear, causing it to deal more damage to buildings and have additional spell resistance. Requires level 4 Spirit Bear. Bonus Building Damage: 40%

Magic Resistance: 33%

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