Azwraith the Phantom Lancer is a hero from Dota Allstars and Dota 2. In Dota Allstars, he is an Agility Sentinel hero, while in Dota 2, he is an Agility Radiant hero.

Phantom Lancer.png Phantom Lancer
Attributes Agility Roles Carry, Pusher, Escape
Health 492 Attack damage 45-67
Armor 3.22 Attack speed 1.7
Mana 273 Sight Range 1800 day / 800 night
Range Melee Mov. speed 290


Ability Name Ability Description Details
Spirit Lance

Spirit Lance

Casts a magical spirit lance on a target enemy unit, damaging and slowing it, as well as summoning a Phantom to attack the unit. Range: 750

Damage: 100/150/200/250
Movement Speed Slow: 10/20/30/40%
Slow Duration: 3
Illusion Duration: 2/4/6/8
Illusion Damage Taken: 400%
Illusion Damage Dealt: 25%



Renders Phantom Lancer invisible, while generating a duplicate image to confuse enemies. The image is a Phantom, and automatically moves in a random direction. Duration: 8

Bonus Movement Speed: 15%
Illusion Duration: 8
Illusion Damage Taken: 400%
Illusion Damage Dealt: 25%



Phantom Lancer's attacks have a chance to create illusions upon hit, which can attack and move, but not use skills. Chance: 12%

Maximum Illusions: 2/4/6/8
Illusion Duration: 20
Illusion Damage Taken: 450%
Illusion Damage Dealt: 25%

Phantom Edge

Phantom Edge

Phantom Lancer hones his abilities. Improves chance of Juxtaposing, and the Juxtapose illusions can now create their own illusions. Phantom Edge also increases Phantom Lancer's magic resistance. Magic Resistance: 10/15/20%

Juxtapose Chance Bonus: 2/4/6%
Juxtapose Illusion Duplication Chance: 3/5/7%


Ability Name Ability Description
Spirit Lance

Spirit Lance (Active)

Azwraith throws a magical spirit from his lance at a target, damaging it and slowing it for 3 seconds. An illusion of Azwraith will appear near the target, attacking it. The clone lasts 15 seconds.

Dopplewalk (Active)

Allows the Phantom Lancer to become invisible for a period of time, leaving behind a duplicate of himself to confuse enemies. 10% movement bonus at all levels.

Juxtapose (Passive)

The Phantom Lancer has a passive chance to create images of himself with every strike. Duplicates last 20 seconds, and the maximum amount of clones caps at 5.
Phantom Edge

Phantom Edge (Ultimate)

Gives the Phantom Lancer an edge in combat by increasing Juxtapose's image generation rate as well as increasing magic resistance. Additionally, it enables his images to create copies of themselves.


Dota Allstars:
Although his true name is unknown to his allies, Azwraith's assigned name tells you enough. Like the Angel of Death, Azrael, he fights to rid the world of those who choose to embrace undeath. He is able to appear and disappear at will like a wraith, often appearing in many places at once. Azwraith is more than capable of dispatching the undead using his lance, each blow sending them closer to the spirit-realm. This lance is the source of his astounding ability to duplicate himself; whenever it draws blood he can use their life to create weaker copies of himself.
Dota 2:
The remote village of Pole had no knowledge of the wars raging in the heart of the kingdom. For them, the quiet of spear fishing, and a family meal were all that a full life required. Yet war came for them nonetheless. Joining the able-bodied conscripts as they filed past their homes, the humble lancer Azwraith vowed to bring peace to his kingdom, and in so doing, his people. Placed with his kin in the vanguard of the final assault against the Dread Magus Vorn, the cost to his fellows was absolute. As the charging force battled toward the fortress, Azwraith alone among his kind remained standing, and he alone was able to infiltrate the keep. Focused and infuriated by the slaughter of his brothers, Azwraith bested each of the wizard's deadly traps and conjured guardians. Soon the simple fisherman arrived at Vorn's tower sanctum. The pair dueled through the night, pike to staff, as chaos raged below, and with a deafening cry Azwraith pierced his enemy. But the wizard did not simply expire; he exploded into uncountable shards of light, penetrating his killer with power. As the dust settled and the smoke of combat began to clear, Azwraith found himself standing among a throng of his kin. Each seemed to be dressed as he was, each seemed armed as he was, and he could sense that each thought as he did. Aware that his allies were approaching, he willed these phantoms to hide themselves, and one by one they began to vanish into nothingness. As the soldiers came upon the sanctum, they found the warrior that had bested the wizard. When they approached their champion, the lancer vanished. The pikeman who had stood before them was no more than another phantom. The real Azwraith had fled the field, ashamed of his anger, heartbroken at his loss, and all the more determined to ensure peace for his people through the wars to come.

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