Runes are a powerups that spawn every even minute at either the bottom or top rune location. The respawn time is not affected by when it was consumed, meaning that it is theoretically possible to acquire two runes in a very short time without a Bottle, and up to three with a Bottle (though the chances of the rune spawning twice in the same area is uncommon).

Runes gives extra effects for a short amount of time. A Magical Bottle can be used to hold the runes for a limited amount of time before the rune is used up automatically. When an ally receives a rune all members of the team will receive a message informing the on who received what type of rune.

Types of RunesEdit

Regeneration Rune- This Rune is coloured green. When acquired, the Regeneration rune gives you a buff which restores your health by 3000 and mana by 2000 over 30 seconds. If you take any damage during this time or if your mana and hp reach their maximum, the buff will be removed, and the regeneration will end.

Double Damage Rune - This rune is coloured blue. This is arguably one of the most useful runes. Activating one gives you double attack damage for a limited amount of time. While you are under the effects of this rune, you leave behind a blue trail. This rune can also be seen as a buff.

Illusion Rune - This rune is coloured yellow. When acquired, this rune will create 2 illusions of your hero nearby, these illusions deal 35% the damage of your hero, take 300% normal damage, and last for 75 seconds.

Invisible Rune - This rune is coloured purple. Activating the rune makes you invisible for a short amount of time. This rune can be seen as a buff.

Haste Rune - This rune is coloured red. The Haste rune increases your movement speed by 100%, which effectively means you will move at the maximum movement speed of 522. Haste rune lasts for 30 seconds. This rune can be seen as a buff.

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