Terrorblade the Soul Keeper is a hero from Dota Allstars and Dota 2. He is based in the Agility Scourge tavern.

The Soul Keeper
Attributes Agility Alignment Scourge
Health 435 Mana 247 Damage 48-54 Attack Speed .81 Range 128
Health Regen. .70 Mana Regen. .77 Armor 5 Mov. Speed 310
Strength 15 (+1.9) Agility 22 (+3.2) Intelligence 19 (+1.75)


Ability Name Ability Description
Reflection Square

Reflection (Active)

Terrorblade summons an ethereal copy of all enemies in an area, slowing them and causing an invulnerable image to attack them.
Zeal Square

Zeal (Passive)

The Soul Keeper's thirst for life empowers him, passively granting additional attack speed and hp regeneration.

Metamorphosis (Active)

The Soul Keeper morphs into a powerful demon, gaining base damage, a ranged attack and a number a illusions.

Sunder (Ultimate)

Terrorblade cuts away the soul of a target hero and switches it with his own. Their current percentages of health are switched, but can not fall below a certain percentage.

Soul Keeper

Terrorblade is the twin brother of the Anti-Mage. Both of Night Elf descent, Terrorblade was drawn in by the powers of the Undead, plunging deeper into the abyss of no return, growing large, gargoyle-like wings to symbolize his breaking from the Night Elf world. Having mastered the art of image-creation and soul manipulation, he has the ability to transform into a fearsome and terrifying demonic form, obtaining the powers to hurl energy at his opponents. Large moonblades slashing, he is one to fear on the battlefield.