Sorry to everyone for not being active for the past month, as the staff were all on holidays. It's a new year, and I decided to make a few goals that we want to reach by the end of the year (hopefully). They are in order of priority:

1. Get all the dota 1 info for all the champions. 2. Get all the dota 1 info for items. 3. Finish the gameplay elements. 4. Pages for individual shops. 5. Creeps- The Dota 1 info.

If we manage to get these tasks out of the way, then we will begin to the dota 2 information (as the full version is not yet out, and we still have some time left before it comes out).

If you wish to help, please contact me on my talk page. Anons, please make an account and help out! It is difficult to run the wiki virtually alone, I need some help.

~ Demise101 ♥ Lets Talk! ♥ Blogs! ~

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