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  • I live in Pune, Maharashtra, India
  • I was born on March 23
  • My occupation is Software Engineer
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  • Saurabh605

    Which is the best carry

    February 22, 2012 by Saurabh605
    1. Viper
    2. Drow Ranger
    3. Dwarven Sniper
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  • Saurabh605

    Venomancer proves very deadly in intermediate and expert hands. He deals heavy damage from the very beginning and is an excellent lane controller and is perfect pusher. You can keep your enemies at bay and farm effectively. It is one of the best characters to attempt first blood and assist like vengeful spirit can almost ensure first blood in level 3 itself.

    1. Venomous Gale
    2. Poison Sting
    3. Venomous Gale
    4. Poison Sting
    5. Venomous Gale
    6. Poison Nova
    7. Venomous Gale
    8. Poison Sting
    9. Plague Ward
    10. Poison Sting
    11. Plague Ward
    12. Poison Nova
    13. Plague Ward
    14. Plague Ward
    15. Plague Ward
    16. Stats
    17. Poison Nova
    18. Stats
    19. Stats
    20. Stats
    21. Stats
    22. Stats
    23. Stats
    24. Stats
    25. Stats


    3 ironwood branches, 1 healing salve, 1 slipper of agility / 1 gaunlets of strength, 1 circlet costing of items --- 594

    Early Game

    Magic Wand(509) , W…

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