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    Hi! This is my first blog in this wiki about Lucifer guide.

    Well, despite that I haven't been playing Dota so much, I still remember how deadly he is. Sorry if I got something wrong because I barely remember his usage. Here are some details and tips:


    Damage: 53-69

    Armor: 0.54

    Movespeed: 290

    Attack Range: 150

    Base attack time: 1.70

    Others are simplified because they are obvious.


    1. Counter to over 100 heroes because of his ulti.
    2. He can eat creeps to get skills.
    3. Can heal himself.
    4. Good farmer.


    1. Ulti is blockable.
    2. Ulti is magic damage, meaning that it can be screwed by magic resistance.
    3. People won't play with you. :(
    4. People see you, they will run. :(

    Anyway, his skills are as follows: (Details are found here:…

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