I dont have any idea what Dota 2 meant when I first looked at this game. When I was 9/10, I used to play Warcraft 3 in different modes. I loved that game but unfortunately I needed to delete the game because I needed to do clear my memory and needed to format my computer. I loved to play strategy games like AoE, AoM, AoE2, AoE3... I even liked a facebook page called Heroes of Dota. I didnt knew what Dota was. But they posted pictures of warcraft 3 based landscape. I thought dota is 'Warcraft 3'. But my friends insisted me to play LoL. I installed it and played it for like 2 hours. The servers in LoL were horrible. Everytime when I was connected to a game, then It says 'trying to reconnect'. My internet was fine but it appeared everytime. I deleted it. And started to play Dota 2. At first I played Drow ranger as hero. I met a friend and he added me in steam. He taught me how to play some heroes. I didnt understand what he meant during the start. But I tried playing it. 

He was really pro at invoker and rubick. I tried copying him, his skills and his build. I played invoker, but I was really bad at him. Invoker has massive spells and I didnt know what Q,W,E were. I used to click on that '?' mark on his ultimate in order to remember the spells. And eventually, I started playing him time and again. Now here I am, pro at invoker. I challenged him to play 1 v 1 in invoker. He said okay. We played 1 v 1 like for 5 times. On first game, he defeated me. On second game, he defeated me again. But on third game which was after 1 month of those previous 1 v 1, I tried using Quas and wex combo and defeated him. Similarly on 4th and 5th I won both of the games. He was praising me that you are now a better invoker than me mate. I was happy and said thanks to him for helping me to play as invoker. 

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